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Our Products

Dye to Order

Gradient yarn dyed to order. Choose from 34 different colourways. Can be ordered in any quantities.

Gradient Yarn

Hand dyed yarn in long smooth gradient effects. Choise of silk and wool based yarn. One-off colourways.

Gradient Yarn Club

Monthly subscription service allowing you to receive once a month gradient yarn dyed in exclusive colourways.

Gradient Yarn Sets

Small hanks of yarn hand dyed in solid colours, creating a gradient effects when used together. Various yarn bases available.

Solid Yarn

Yarn for knitting and crochet hand dyed in solid colours.  Different yarn bases available: Sea Cell, Linen, Superwash Merino, Nylon.

Variegated Yarn

Yarn for knitting and crochet hand dyed in more than one colour - variegated yarn. One-off colourways.


We stock dyes for yarn which we are using on own products. Great premium quality. Producing fantastic end result.


Learn from our experience on how to felt silk and wool, dye yarn in harmonious colours. Easy to follow instructions with photos.


Hand dyed fabric includes various fabrics suitable for felting projects. We offer dyed cotton scrim, muslin and fabric packs.

Silk Fibre

Silk fibre - hand dyed silk hankies, silk bricks, creative silk packs and silk waste. Suitable for various projects. Endless possiblities.

Wearable Shop

Hand felted light weight, wearable scarves and snoods. Made from top quality materials. Some works are sold through galleries.

Knitted Gallery

Show off your finished knitted object in our gallery. Have a look at what gradient yarn can do for your next project.

Hand Dyed in UK

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