Yarn Products

Gradient yarn dyed to order. Choose from 28+ different colourways.

(ready to ship)

Hand dyed yarn in long smooth gradient effects. Choose between silk, Seacell, Superwash Bluefaced Leicester wool, Merino, Baby Alpaca, Yak, Cashmere,  based yarn. Most colours are one-off's.

One colourway is used on both yarns in different weight. Total yardage may vary from 750m to over 1000m and above.

Yarn hand dyed in solid colours.

Knitting kit includes recommended yarn weight which is available in many colourways and pattern (purchased directly from designer).

Monthly subscription service allowing you to receive once a month gradient yarn dyed in exclusive colourways.

Learn from our experience on how to dye yarn in harmonious colours. Easy to follow instructions with photos. Tutorial supplied with dyes, tools and yarn.

Hand felted light weight, wearable scarves and snoods. Made from top quality materials. Some works are sold through galleries.

Show off your finished knitted object in our gallery. Have a look at what gradient yarn can do for your next project.

Isola Shawl

Project name: Isola Shawl Pattern: Isola by Tiziana Sammuri Knitted by: Deborah

1001 Nights

Project name: 1001 Nights Pattern: 1001 Nights by Anne-Lise Maigaard Knitted by: Deborah


Project name: Dahlia Pattern: Dahlia October 2018 MKAL by bunnymuff, Mona Zillah

“Gothic Angel”

Project name: Gothic Angel Pattern: Gothic Angel by Boo Knits


Project name: Dreamcatcher Pattern: Odelia by Kitman Figueroa

“Green Goodness”

Project name: Green Goodness Pattern: Mallow Shawl by Jutta Moeller

“True Colors”

“True Color” knitting pattern by Melanie Berg.

4ply Knitting Kit Snood “Forest Witch”

4ply Knitting Kit – snood “Forest Witch”

“Mermaid’s Tale”

Project name: Mermaid’s Tale Pattern: Mermaid’s Tale by Kitman Figueroa

“Heart of winter”

Project name: Heart of winter Pattern: Heart of Winter by Nim Teasdale

“Dragonflies over water”

Project name: Dragonflies over water Pattern: Intertidal, July 2017 MKAL by bunnymuff, Mona Zillah

“1001 Arabian Nights”

Project name: 1001 Arabian Nights Pattern: 1001 Nights by Anne-Lise Maigaard Click on image to see in full size.  

“Lavender Field”

Pattern: unknown Colorway: “Lavender Field” Yarn blend: 100% Mulberry silk


Pattern: unknown Colorway: “Moss” Yarn blend: 100% Mulberry Silk

“Snow Queen”

Pattern name: “Frozen Leaves” Colorway: “Snow Queen” Yarn blend: Seacell / silk

“Les Maldives”

Pattern: “Papyrifera” Colorway: “Les Maldives” Yarn blend: Silk / Linen  

“English Bluebells”

Pattern: “High Desert” Colorway: “English Bluebells” Yarn blend: Bluefaced Leicester / Silk


Pattern: “Manitoba” Colorway: “Carmen” (one off) Yarn blend: Linen / Silk

“Cerise Bouquet”

Pattern name: “Heartshaped Spellbound” Colourway: “Cerise Bouquet” Yarn blend: Linen / Silk


Pattern name: “Alberta” Yarn blend: 100% Mulberry silk