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Repeat! (there is no limit how many times you can claim discount).

If you would like to show your shawl on this gallery, please contact us.

Rose Viscose / Mulberry Silk Gradient Club

mulberry silk and rose viscose gradient knitting yarn

Lovely soft yarn blend of spun mulberry silk and rose viscose (cellulose fibre). Rose viscose fibre is produced from rose plants. This yarns is very soft and has the sheen of silk and rose. Yarn blend: Viscose Rose 50% / Mulberry Silk 50% Yardage: 100gr / 670m / 732yards Each month you will receive: 100gr…

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Nettle / Mulberry Silk Gradient Club

nettle and mulberry silk gradient yarn

Yarn made from nettle and combined with natural fibre Mulberry Silk. Ramie fibre, a nettle plant, is white with a silky lustre, similar to flax in absorbency and density but coarser. Rammie is also stronger than any other natural fibre, do not loose strength when wet, and is naturally antibacterial. Adds a beautiful rustic look…

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4ply Knitting Kit Snood “Forest Witch”

Snood Forest Witch 4ply knitting kit by Natali Stewart close up

4ply Knitting Kit – snood “Forest Witch”

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“Mermaid’s Tale”

Mermaids Tale

Project name: Mermaid’s Tale Pattern: Mermaid’s Tale by Kitman Figueroa

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“Heart of winter”

Heart of winter

Project name: Heart of winter Pattern: Heart of Winter by Nim Teasdale

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“Gradient wrap”

Gradient wrap

Project name: Gradient wrap Pattern: Copri Spalle Ocean Cloud by Margit Maturi

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“Dragonflies over water”

Project name: Dragonflies over water Pattern: Intertidal, July 2017 MKAL by bunnymuff, Mona Zillah

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“1001 Arabian Nights”

1001 Arabian Nights

Project name: 1001 Arabian Nights Pattern: 1001 Nights by Anne-Lise Maigaard Click on image to see in full size.  

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“Lavender Field”

Pattern: unknown Colorway: “Lavender Field” Yarn blend: 100% Mulberry silk

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